Meet the Team

An innovative collective of like-minded folks.


Christopher Kardas

Founder, team leader & content creator

Creative mind from Vienna, Austria. Chris creates everything content related at Melon Pancakes. He's a social-media geek, crafts tweets and stories, designs and occasionally writes on our Medium blog. Chris also loves , and emojis.


Till Kottmann

Co-founder, social media and development

Android developer and tinkerer. Tweets, writes on our Medium. In my free time I invest most of my time into Lawnchair, dogbin as well as some smaller freelancing projects.


Lumiq Creative

Designer & host of community giveaways

Lumiq Creative is a UI/UX designer from Poland, focusing on iconography, app interface design, logo design, animation, and terrible memes. He also likes pancakes.


David Sn

Front-End Developer, SysOp & Hoster

18 years old, turns caffeine and pizza into code, provides hosting and 24/7 development support if something goes wrong. Contributes to open-source projects during his free time. Also previously known as Codebucket.


Abhijeet Bohra

Social Media Assistant

Abhijeet is a 20 year old Android & tech buff. You quietly hear him tweeting on our accounts here and there. Resposible for user support on social media. Wish to contact him? Make sure to include dank memes.


Justin Kruit

Back-End Developer for our giveaways

Justin Kruit is an Android and web developer based in the Netherlands.

We're always looking for talent

Got what it takes to work with us? Great! Send us a link to your portfolio or tell us about your recent work to become part of our talent pool.

Among other vancanities we are currently looking for Junior Social Media Assistants.

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